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7th November 2012

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Confessions of a Dangerous Nerd: Shockwave: the outcast turned strong →


I was watching the 26 hour Transformers Prime marathon on the Hub the other day, when an incident in one of the episodes caught my attention.
The episode centers around RC, the female Autobot, having a flashback to before meeting Optimus Prime on Earth and her encounter with…

I wanna pimp this again because I love some of the comments. Mostly the ones who argue that Shockwave is pure evil. I don’t mind the folks pointing out the timeline but I’m amused by the ones in denial of even the idea that even the most evil character might have a tragic back story.


14th April 2012

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Do YOU Remember Love?

Ai Oboete Imasuka by Lynn Minmay
A favourite song from the amazing movie, Do You Remember Love?

Pre-orders for a DYRL game/movie combo Blu-Ray are open on such sites like AmiAmi!
Decent prices, and a legal version of an amazing movie!

13th April 2012

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The best pairs of Macross Frontier are KlanxMichel and KatyxOzma. I think they look so good together.

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9th April 2012


As there are a lot of new followers, I’d like to request some submissions from you~

Pretty please?

I have 0 right now.


5th March 2012


Vacation over

Our vacation has been over for quite some time, I’m sorry that I neglected to inform you of that.

Feel free to submit confessions.
We haven’t been posting because people haven’t been submitting!

We’re here so you can get these things off your chest.


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17th February 2012



Sorry for any inconvenience, but at least two of our moderators will be unavailable for Saturday and Sunday.
We will get to all of the submissions on Monday, so don’t worry.
R: You guys need to submit more, anyways, I’m bored, and I love working on these.

~Team R*A*N

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17th February 2012

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16th February 2012

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16th February 2012


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16th February 2012

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